Circle Delegation

All relationships in a business or organization are relationships of delegation. If you are a Owner/Member, Board Member, CEO or supervisor of any type you are delegating to others. If you are a Board Member, CEO, Supervisor, Staff, volunteer, contractor etc, you are being delegated to. It is important to understand effective delegation to both delegate effectively and be effective managers of delegated responsibilities. Circle Delegation is a Governance tool that promotes focus on effective delegation from the perspective of the person or entity that is delegating responsibility. To understand why it is important to delegate effectiveley and accountably, first we must understand the purpose of delegation.

Why do we Delegate?

  • Capacity Building
  • Succession Planning
  • Recruit Skills, Expertise and Experience
  • Develop Skills, Expertise and Experience
  • Focus Responsibility and Accountability

If you are going to delegate it is very important to delegate well, or the reasons or values you delegating to support, will not be realized or compromised.

What is necessary to delegate effectively? Effective Delegation is:

  • Clear
  • Decisive
  • Supported
  • Accountable
Circle Delegation is a Governance Tool developed to help focus effective delegation from the perspective of delegating responsibilities to others. Circle Management is a corresponding Governance Tool that focuses on managing a responsibility that has been delegated to you.