Good Governance is all about focusing your business, organization or government  on success. To focus on success you have to:

  • Define Success
  • Support Success
  • Be Accountable for Success

We support all aspects of focusing on success.

Defining Success Module

  • Organizational Purpose and Mission
  • Organizational Ethics and Context
  • Defining Expectations of Achieving Success (Policy Development)
    • Objectives – Positive Outcomes to be Achieved
    • Parameters – Negative Outcomes to be Avoided

Supporting Success Module

  • Effective Delegation and Recruiting
  • Resource Planning
  • Partnerships Planning
  • Succession Planning

Accountable for Success Module

  • Is Organizational Purpose being achieved
    • Expectations being met
    • Parameters Respected

Governance Analysis

  • Authority is Accountable and Defined
  • Responsibilities and Expectations Defined and Understood
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Conflicts of Authority and Accountability