Circle Management
Circle Management, Planning and Implementation

Management is what you do to effectively address responsibility. You manage responsibilities.

In order to proactively manage responsibilities effectively and accountably, you plan to manage responsibilities effectively and accountably.

What is the power of planning?
Business / Operational / Action Plans:

  • Are tools of pro-active management to achieve expectations and manage risk.
  • Allow collaboration on strategies of management and achievement of those tasked with management and achievement with those who set expectations of management and achievement.
  • Support broad and cross understanding of roles and responsibilities of management.
  • Encourage broad and cross support of management and achievement.
  • Are adaptive to changing circumstances of Risk and Opportunity.
  • Support continuous and effective evaluation of management and achievement.
  • Support succession planning and readiness.

Can management be accomplished without planning. Of coarse. People manage simple tasks all the time without planning. But complex tasks and tasks that require significant cooperation need planning to avoid mistakes due to a lack of understanding of different roles and responsibilities of success including risk and opportunity management.

Circle Management is a Governance Tool that focuses on managing a responsibility that has been delegated to you. Circle Delegation is a corresponding Governance Tool developed to help focus effective delegation from the perspective of delegating responsibilities to others.